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How do giants step down?

Some say goodbye after crushing defeats and on the big stage. The others let their careers continue to languish until their own monument crumbles. Football legend Tom Brady (44) also has to make a farewell decision. With defending champion Tampa Bay, the record quarterback sensationally flew out of the NFL playoffs. There had already been rumors that top model Gisele Bundchen’s husband did not want to fulfill his contract until 2023.

The giant twilight in world sport. BILD says which aging mega-stars are likely to continue for how long.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady (44) leaves his future open after the play-off: “I’ll see from day to day.” The coming season would be his 23rd in the NFL. His contract with Tampa/Florida runs until 2023. Is he going to end it even earlier? Or is Brady just putting pressure on his club bosses to make the team fit for the championship?
Forecast: He’s still playing for a year. Then it’s probably over.

Photo: Instagram/gisele

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Tom Brady has been married to Brazilian top model Gisele Bundchen since 2009Photo: Instagram/gisele

Lionel Messi

The Paris Messi is far from the Barcelona Messi. And at the age of 34, it probably won’t be anymore. Come in addition: Lionel Messi is now more prone to injury.
Forecast: After the 2022 World Cup, the Argentine national team will probably be over. After Paris there is likely to be one final chapter in US Major League Soccer.

Spielte mehr als 21 Jahre für Barcelona, jetzt für Paris: Lionel MessiPhoto: FRANCK FIFE/AFP

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Played for Barcelona for more than 21 years, now for Paris: Lionel MessiPhoto: FRANCK FIFE/AFP

Tiger Woods

The time in which Tiger Woods (46) who dominated golf (15 major wins, 683 weeks first in the world rankings) is long gone. He’s just back from a serious car accident. Forecast: Even at the age of 46, he will still be on the tour for a long time. This works better in golf than in other sports. One thing is clear: if he resigns, then with a glamor showdown.

Einer der erfolgreichsten Golfspieler der Sportgeschichte: Tiger WoodsPhoto: SAM GREENWOOD / AFP

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One of the most successful golfers in sports history: Tiger WoodsPhoto: SAM GREENWOOD / AFP

LeBron James

The basketball megastar has been in the NBA since 2003. And at 37 years is LeBron James currently as good as ever.
Forecast: He will continue with his LA Lakers until the end of his contract in 2023. There is a secret plan for the time after that: When his son Bronny (17) comes to the NBA, LeBron wants to hang out with him for one last year at his club.

Laut statista soll das geschätzte Vermögen von LeBron James im Jahr 2021 bei 415 Millionen Euro gelegen habenFoto: Michael Reaves/AFP

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According to statista, LeBron James’ estimated net worth in 2021 was 415 million eurosFoto: Michael Reaves/AFP

Serena Williams

Tennis-Queen Serena Williams (40) is currently canceling tournament after tournament. Most recently the Australian Open. Since the birth of her daughter in 2017, she has been chasing her tennis dream of a 24th Grand Slam title. That would be an eternal record!
Forecast: We may only see Serena at one or two Grand Slam tournaments. It will end by 2023 at the latest.

Für ihren Style auf dem Tennis-Court bekannt: Serena WilliamsPhoto: REUTERS

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Known for her extravagant style on the tennis court: Serena WilliamsPhoto: REUTERS

Lewis Hamilton

The seven-time Formula 1 world champion left open whether he would still drive in the coming season. Lewis Hamilton After losing the World Cup against Verstappen (37), he was concerned with whether he would continue. Now he’s back in training.
Forecast: He fulfills the two-year contract with Mercedes. With another world title he would be the sole record champion (so far 7 titles like Michael Schumacher). That drives him.

Bereits im Alter von acht Jahren begann Lewis Hamilton seine Karriere - mit dem Kart!Photo: REUTERS

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Lewis Hamilton started his career at the age of eight – with the kart!Photo: REUTERS

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is 36 years old, but his body is like his late 20s at best! No one works as hard, no one is as fit and obsessed with success. Subordinate everything to football.
Forecast: Don’t think about quitting yet. Nevertheless: Manchester United (current contract until 2023) will be his last top league station. Then he ends his career. In the USA?

Liebt den großen Auftritt: Ronaldo mit seiner Freundin Georgina im JetPhoto:

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Loves the big performance: Ronaldo with his girlfriend Georgina in the jetPhoto:

Roger Federer

That Roger Federer (40/currently rehab after knee surgery), who returns to the tour for many of the greatest tennis players of all time, hardly anyone believes anymore. The Swiss does not want to say goodbye as an injured person.
Forecast: He will resign with a last official match in Wimbledon, which he won eight times. 2022 or 2023.

Im Gegensatz zu Novak Djokovic in aller Welt beliebt: Roger FedererFoto: TOBY MELVILLE/REUTERS

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In contrast to Novak Djokovic, popular all over the world: Roger FedererFoto: TOBY MELVILLE/REUTERS

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