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Located in the Croix-Luizet district, the Toï Toï le Zinc performance and concert hall brings the culture of Villeurbanne to life. Between cultural events and social commitment, this place intends to embody the popular spirit of the 19th French city.

For 14 years, the performance hall Toï Toï le Zinc animates the life of the Croix-Luizet district in Villeurbanne. Founded in 2005 by three friends who wanted ” make up for the lack of creative places for live performance and in particular the lack of residence spaces suitable for dance “. It was in 2008 that this former garage was transformed into a hall for performances and concerts, then over time it will become ” a place not to be missed where culture lives in all its forms. Originally focused on dance, the venue met with a lack of enthusiasm, then diversified and opened up to other forms of cultural expression. Despite everything, dance remains represented within the Toï Toï through a quarterly meeting.

Today the TaTaToom association takes care of the programming, which aims to be more and more varied. Between concerts, stand-ups, dance and theater performances, …, the events multiply. From rock to psychedelic pop, from techno to rap, no style is forgotten. A cultural diversity that is always rooted in the region. ” Local artists are preferred. We really want to help develop a local scene says Fanny Autard, communications officer at Toï Toï le Zinc.

Like the regional stand-up scene which is growing day by day. “For the stand-up we work with the same collective of artists (Comedy Furnace) for at least three years or more. They are responsible for the evening. Every Tuesday evening, Kacem de la Fontaine, who is the master of ceremonies, invites several artists, men or women, who perform standing up. It may be early scenes, slightly better known comedians trying to test sketches. », details Fanny Autard. Events that have a social impact: Kacem works with local community centers to bring young people to these stand-up parties. Also, when we have artists in residence that come during the day or two or three days a week. We contact schools in the area and suggest that the teachers we are in contact with bring a class to attend a rehearsal. “.

A culture accessible to all and social ambitions

If the primary vocation of Toï Toï le Zinc is to bring culture to Villeurbanne, the performance hall also brings ambitions and social commitments. It starts with its operating system: volunteering. During events of all kinds, about twenty volunteers ensure the correct organization of the evenings, from welcoming the artists to the ticket office.

Another peculiarity of the place, the application of ” solidarity fee “. Prices vary between six and ten euros depending on the event. Everyone is free to pay as much as they can according to their financial capabilities, without any proof being required. Furthermore, most of the events are free. Another approach is brings this concept closer, the implementation of suspended drinks “. The idea is simple, you pay two drinks to give one to someone who couldn’t afford it.

Toï Toï le Zinc also stands out for its support for social actions such as “LChristmas boxes », for which the concert hall serves as a gathering point. ” We have already collected some of them says Fanny Autard. Another example of their social and local roots, with which the establishment has joined forces Basic rules and a student association INSA (Les sans culottes) to create a collection of hygiene products, which are then distributed to the poorest. Actions that are destined to continue and why not to diversify. “Christmas boxes are because we had the opportunity to do it. If they propose it to us next year, we will do it with great pleasure! For Elementary Rule, it was basically supposed to be temporary. It finally continues to work and speaks to us as a project. Therefore, we have decided to keep it, at least for now. … This type of action fully corresponds to the objective of the place and this seems important to us. ».

“We try to give a voice to associations that have things to say and defend”

From time to time, the room is made available to associations, whether for debates, conferences, meetings, etc. The opportunity for these structures to convey their messages, explains Fanny Autard, ” This type of events involves us in discussions on social issues, on ecology issues, ….. These are the great values ​​that we defend. We look for how we can help people, but we don’t actually help them. However, we try to give a voice to the associations that have things to say and defend. … For example, last year we did several projects with the OIP (International Observatory of Prisons). The first evening with them was a theatrical meeting on a legal matter. The result was a series of events alongside them, such as a support concert. »

As for the establishments involved in Toï Toï le Zinc, it is above all the associations that contact the performance hall. Rare are those rejected: “ As far as partnerships or anything, I don’t think any were turned down. We have been cataloged a bit since the place exists as a place strongly committed to different themes. Therefore, associations come to us quite naturally. For example, we welcome soon Extinction rebellion, they contact us, because they saw that the room was close to their values. », reports the communication officer, specifying that it is ” a natural gait “arising from a” overall will from their team.

The concert and performance hall also adheres to different mechanisms such as ” Angela “. Imported from the United Kingdom, this device aims to allow all people who suffer harassment to find a safe place to take refuge. Against this background, the Toï Toï le Zinc team has developed a card to ensure the best reception of a person who requires shelter.

Throughout the year, Toï Toï le Zinc offers multiple shows. To find out more, visit here.

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