Today in history, ERKUT AKBAY and NADIDE AKBAY

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Today in history

The assassination of the Turkish administrative attaché Erkut Akbaywhich occurred on June 7, 1982 in Lisbon, Portugal, where the diplomat was on duty.

Erkut Akbay was murdered near his home on the outskirts of town as he was returning home for lunch. He was killed instantly while sitting in his car. His wife, Nadide Akbay, was also shot in the head as she sat next to him. Nadide Akbay was rushed to hospital in a coma and underwent surgery. She died after eight months in a coma on January 11, 1983 at Ankara Hospital.

The bloodthirsty and savage Armenian terrorist organization calling itself the Armenian Genocide Vigilante Commandos claimed responsibility for the assassination.

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