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Today gas prices have dropped significantly in Europe – UNIAN

Gas prices in Europe fell by more than seven percent.

September 12, gasoline prices in Europe it fell by more than seven per cent.

October futures on the stock exchange ICE traded at the level of 2020 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

The cost of fuel, despite the closure of the Nord Stream pipeline, is constantly falling. The reason for this is both an increase in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States and a significantly higher level of filling of storage facilities.

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Some countries, including the big ones like Poland and France, have already guaranteed the success of the winter period. One of the most affected members of the European Union will be Germany.

However, according to a survey by the Civey Public Opinion Research Institute, most of the citizens of this country support continued pressure on Russia and are ready to tolerate price increases.

Gas situation:

31 August 2022 Gazprom suspended deliveries gas in Europe via Nord Stream.

The company said oil leaks were found on parts of the pipeline’s compressor and that the equipment had to be shut down until they were repaired.

But according to Siemens Energy, which normally maintains Nord Stream turbines, such a failure should not stop the pipeline from running.

“Such leaks usually do not affect turbine operation and can be repaired on site. This is a common procedure as part of the repair work,” said Siemens Energy.

On the evening of September 2, the Russian gas company Gazprom announced a complete stop pumping gas through the Nord Stream pipeline for an indefinite period. at the White House e European Commission reacted to the decision of the Russian Federation.

Germany’s largest gas importer announced the termination purchases of energy carriers from the Russian Federation. And according to the media, in the European Union agreed on a price limit for Russian gas.

Meanwhile, the Russian Federation has appealed direct blackmail. He promised to resume gas supplies via Nord Stream after the sanctions were lifted.

On September 10, 2022, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that Germany is ready for a significant one reduction of gas supplies from Russia.

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