“Today everyone speaks ill of Juve, but he has contributed to the livelihood of Italian football. I embraced Agnelli, he’s a man who works”

Speaking on stage during the “Premio Colalucci”, the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito also spoke of the investigation into the accounts of Juventus. Here are his words taken from Lalaziosiamonoi.it: “Juventus? I’m not a magistrate. When they win, everyone gets on the bandwagon, then they run away when there’s a problem, especially escaping from the people they all drink from. There are teams that have earned so much from the sale of two players, if Juve hadn’t been there they wouldn’t have collected 160 million. Today everyone speaks badly of Juve, but it has contributed to the livelihood of Italian football”.

-“Do you run the risk of the Juve case spreading? I don’t know, I don’t know about the behavior of the other teams. It certainly won’t spread to involve Lazio, we don’t have problems of this nature. For me, this is a matter of pride and tranquillity. Above all for the way in which I left, a dramatic situation. Agnelli? I saw him in the Senate and I embraced him. Do you recommend anything? No, there’s no problem. He gave me an impression from a human point of view that was not right with respect to what that he has given to Italian football. To say that Juve is the evil of Italian football is not right. Today everyone goes wild to create disagreements against Juve. Politics is one thing, human value is another. Andrea is someone who works . We met in my office at 8, that means he woke up at 5, at 6. Capital gains? I don’t know what they are, I’m for values. When one is worth it, he puts it on the field. Facts are worth it, they matter in life deeds and not words”.

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On the situation in the League: “It’s about creating a climate of collaboration, unity is strength, you can’t go anywhere alone. We have included a woman in the League, we are serious. She is the first to be elected Did I push her? She has the experience, she managed women’s football, Empoli. It’s a city that always manages to churn out talent, it’s right that it plays a role within the governance. The presence of a woman it’s a touch of change, transparency, a different sensitivity. In football, behavior that is marked by respect for the rules is necessary. Juventus? I’m not worried. If we keep talking about it, we’ll make everyone worry. We’re out of the World Cup, some people should asking questions and giving answers. I don’t think it depends on the Serie A league.”

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