To reserve Tien Linh, what did coach Le Huynh Duc say?

Why did coach Le Huynh Duc let Tien Linh reserve?

On June 1, B.Binh Duong received Thanh Hoa on Go Dau field in the 10th round of V.League 2023. Coach Le Huynh Duc’s teachers and students accepted the “underdog” to play defense and counterattack. They had the lead at the end of the first half, but in the end could not preserve the victory, had to accept a 1-1 draw with the opponent.

Evaluating the match, coach Le Huynh Duc said: “I regret this draw. If the players are physically better, the players can win. The players are injured a lot. You also saw them today. I played without foreign soldiers, I thought Binh Duong would play the National Cup.”

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Coach Le Huynh Duc regretted the draw against Thanh Hoa.

Tien Linh was launched into the field in the 72nd minute to replace Vo Huynh Minh Khoa, but left no mark. Talking about leaving Tien Linh on the reserve, coach Le Huynh Duc said that he wanted to nourish Tien Linh’s future, not wanting him to lose his career if he had a more severe injury.

“Tien Linh can’t run at speed, but people think he’s not injured. I’m worried about Tien Linh’s long-term future. I’ve been through that injury so I know. Tien Linh has muscle pain so a little bit. Carelessness will cause more serious injuries,” coach Le Huynh Duc shared.

According to coach Le Huynh Duc, he will liquidate Moses Oloya when the midfielder is seriously injured and cannot recover in time for the next phase of the season. And midfielder Guy Olivier N’Diaye was not liked by this personality coach, so he will also have to leave. Accordingly, he will recruit 2 new foreign soldiers after phase 1 ends.

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