PDI seized dozens of weapons and thousands of cartridges destined for drug gangs from the capital | National


The PDI Investigative Brigade Against Organized Crime (Brico) and the South Prosecutor General’s Office achieved an important seizure of weapons, including a rifle, and cartridges of different caliber.

Reportedly, this is 50 firearms, 24 chargers of different calibers, two compressed air weapons, a blank weapon, a crossbow and more than 2,000 cartridges.

Check the breakdown:

• Llama Brand Revolver, .38 caliber

• Taurus Brand Revolver, .44 caliber

• Winchester Brand Shotgun, 12 gauge

• Winchester Brand Carbine, .22 caliber

• ZH Brand Shotgun, 16 gauge

• Colt .45 caliber pistol

• Revolver Marca A Uberti, caliber .45

• Astra revolver, Cadix model, .22 caliber

• Sawed-off shotgun

• Sawed-off shotgun

• Compressed air rifle, Norica brand, model 56

• Compressed air rifle, Norica brand, Marvic model

• Rifle, without brand

• Carabina, Winchester

• Norinco Brand Rifle, .22 caliber

• Blank Gap 9mm caliber pistol

• Crossbow without brand or model

• Carbine, Winchester, caliber 44-40

• Sig Sauer pistol, .380 caliber

• Llama pistol, without model, .32 caliber

• revolver reputation, if model, caliber .32

• Revolver Taurus, calibre .357

• Steyr pistol, 9mm caliber

• Colt pistol, 45 mm caliber

• Winchester shotgun, 12 gauge

• Mauser 1895 rifle, caliber 7 22

• CZ 75 pistol, 9 caliber

• IZHMASH SAIGA M3 EXP 01 rifle, caliber 7.62

• Marlin 94 air rifle, caliber 44-40

• Pietro Beretta shotgun, no model, 12/70 caliber

• Revolver A Uberti 1875 Outlaw, .45 caliber

• Mauser 1895 rifle, .308 caliber

• Colt 1911 pistol, .45 caliber

• Harrington and Richardson Revolver, no model, .38 caliber

• Spray FAMAE

• Unbranded pistol

Cristóbal Escobar | UNO Agency
Cristóbal Escobar |  UNO Agency
Cristóbal Escobar | UNO Agency

• Bayard Pistola

• Revolver

• Revolver Smith and Wesson

• Revolver Smith and Wesson

• revolver FAMAE

• Revolver Smith and Wesson

• Revolver KPF

• Artisan weapon, without brand

• Revolver, no brand

• Revolver, no brand

• Mauser pistol

• Sawed-off shotgun

• Gun frame

• Rifle, unbranded

• Rifle, unbranded

• Rifle Steyr

• ATC BRNO pistol, CZ, caliber 6.35

• Patent N Pierret pistol, caliber 6.35

• Revolver Longgtg

• 01 shotgun barrel

• 07 chargers

• 01 rifle bolt

Among the seized in the operation, which left three detainees after raids on homes in the capital and El Tabo, there is a weapon capable of firing 800 shots per minute.

All of this was accomplished after two months of investigation. It is presumed that these were marketed by a gang that provided weapons to drug trafficking organizations from the southern area of ​​the capital.

The apprehended would be who they distributed the weapons.

Organized crime

Interior Minister Gonzalo Blumel highlighted the PDI team that took these weapons out of circulation, especially considering the work they have taken in the midst of the pandemic.

In addition, he stressed that these operations are part of the work to combat the organized crime.

For his part, the director general of the PDI, Héctor Espinosa, indicated that among the weapons seized there are species registered and other stolen.

He added that this type of seizure is not surprising, since there are many weapons circulating. As an example, he indicated that this 2020 531 weapons have been seized, more than half in the capital.

The chief prosecutor of Antinarcotics of the South Prosecutor’s Office, Alex Cortez, indicated that it is one of the most important procedures of the year.

He added that the detainees will be formalized in the next few hours for illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a prohibited firearm, illegal possession of ammunition and possession of parts and pieces.

For all it will be asked preventive prison.

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