Cranberry Supplements for Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections: The Truth Revealed by New Study

▲Urinary tract infections are usually treated with antibiotics, but some people will face repeated attacks, and in order to avoid repeated infections, doctors will advise patients to take cranberry supplements for prevention. (Photo/provided by NOW Health)

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In the past, cranberry juice has not been proven effective in treating urinary tract infections due to a lack of medical evidence, but a new study recently highlights that there is now enough scientific evidence that cranberry products are indeed useful in treating urinary tract infections Infect.

Are cranberries a lifesaver for UTI sufferers?Several studies have cast doubt on this

A study published in “Cochrane Reviews” (Cochrane Literature Review) pointed out that drinking cranberries or other related products can effectively reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and discomfort symptoms such as frequent urination. A study published in 2022 showed that between 1990 and 2019, more than 404.6 million people worldwide suffered from urinary tract infections, and the statistics of deaths related to urinary tract infections in countries around the world exceeded 236,000.

However, even when cranberry supplements were used as a treatment for UTIs, a 2012 study involving 24 trials found no such results, according to Medical Express.

Women eat cranberries to prevent urinary tract infections!New research reveals the truth

In view of this, scientists from Adelaide’s Flinders University in New South Wales, Australia and Westmead Children’s Hospital re-evaluated the association between cranberries and the treatment of urinary tract infections, and found more surprising effects of cranberries.

Dr. Gabrielle Williams, the author of the study, said that urinary tract infections are scary and common. About 1 in 3 women will experience urinary tract infections. In addition, the elderly and bladder problems caused by spinal cord injuries or other diseases Problematic patients may also develop urinary tract infections.

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Dr. Gabrielle Williams also mentioned: “In 1973, my mother once told me that she had heard that cranberries would prevent her dreaded and frequent urinary tract infections from recurring, so she decided to drink cranberries. For her , Cranberry is a great savior. Although I keep telling him that there is not enough research to prove that cranberry can prevent urinary tract infection, she still consumes cranberry every day, drinking super sour cranberry juice from the beginning, Later, she took easy-to-swallow capsules containing cranberry ingredients. Once she stopped taking cranberry-related diets, she began to have symptoms of urinary tract infections. Of course, it turned out that my mother was right in the end, cranberry Cranberry does help some women prevent UTIs.”

Dr Jacqueline Stephens, an epidemiologist at Flinders University and co-author of the study, said that if left untreated, UTIs could travel to the kidneys, leading to distressing complications such as sepsis.

Not just antibiotics!Recurrent urinary tract infection can also supplement cranberry

Dr. Gabrielle Williams said that urinary tract infections are usually treated with antibiotics, but some people will face repeated attacks, and in order to avoid repeated infections, doctors will recommend patients to take cranberry supplements for prevention.

Taking cranberry supplements usually has no other side effects. Even centuries ago, Native Americans would eat cranberries to treat bladder problems. This also makes scientists want to further explore what is cranberry. Which ingredients in raspberries are helpful in inhibiting urinary tract infections.

Gabrielle Williams added that the results of the new study demonstrate that cranberry supplementation can prevent UTIs in women with recurrent UTIs, children and those who have undergone radiation therapy to the bladder.

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Are there any side effects of taking cranberry supplements? Williams said that the only side effect after taking it so far is abdominal pain; in addition, he also mentioned that more research is still needed to compare cranberry supplements, antibiotics and probiotics, which one treatment is most effective in preventing urinary tract infections .

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