TK20R V2.0 second generation flashlight test: It is a manual tank

Author of the photo: Publisher/Filip Klasna|Description: Fenix ​​TK20R v2.0

With tactical flashlights, the bag was ripped open, so to speak, and another flashlight came upon our newsroom. This time it’s about the classic, well-known orange-black box from Fenix ​​​​containing the Fenix ​​​​TK20R V2.0 flashlight. Though I thought nothing could surprise me, it started with the packaging. After opening the box, all the accessories did not fall on me this time, because the plastic holder has a bottom which prevented this.

Inside the smart packaging you will find the flashlight itself, the Fenix ​​​​ARB-L21-5000 v2 21700 battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh (it is inserted into the flashlight and is protected from discharge by a piece of plastic), a case, a cable, spare o-rings, a USB-C charging cable, a manual, and a warranty card. Fenix ​​​​offers a 5-year warranty on this flashlight and 2 years on the battery.

The battery is of course full, so you can use the flashlight right away. The flashlight itself, equipped with a clip, weighs 204 grams and thanks to its diameter it fits perfectly in the hand – it is neither small nor large, it can be used both with and without gloves. It also fits in small female hands thanks to the 2.54 cm diameter of the body.

Fenix ​​​​​​has solved the position of the charging port absolutely ingeniously and elegantly: no longer an unsightly port with a rubber cap, but directly below the head of the flashlight there is a ring on the wire, under which the The USB-C port on one side and a status diode showing battery and power status are hidden. If it glows green after being turned on, the battery is 85-100% charged, when it flashes green it is 50-85% charged, when it glows red it is 25-50% charged, and if flashes red, its condition is critical.

The control is similar to the one that appeared 2 years ago on the TK16 v2.0 flashlight, when there are 2 buttons on the cover that hide the battery. The big one is for turning on the flashlight, the smaller one is for activating the stroboscope function when pressed, if the flashlight is on it controls the power of the flashlight. Of course it remembers the last selected mode. Both buttons provide enough resistance that accidental activation should be difficult, if not impossible.

Thanks to the dimensions of 15.2 x 3.4 x 2.54 cm, the flashlight can be stored not only in a trouser pocket, but also in an ordinary jacket or vest pocket. The clip with which the flashlight is equipped and which serves to fix the position and prevent the loss of the flashlight can be removed and the flashlight can be used, for example, with a rod holder. Fenix ​​​​​​offers a wide range of accessories such as the AER-05 cable switch, the AOT-M traffic cone, the AOF-M red filter or the AOD-M diffuser.

But the list of accessories does not end there, the manufacturer also lists other compatible accessories on its website, such as ALG-00 Quick Release Rail Mount, Fenix ​​​​ALG-16 M-LOK Mount, Fenix ​​​​ALG -18 Barrel Mount, Barrel Mount, Magnetic Metal Barrel Mount, Magnetic Plastic Barrel Mount, Flashlight Mount to Scope, Metal Scope Mount, FB-1 Bike Mount, Fenix ​​Bike Mount, ALP Case -10L.

The Luminus SFT-70 LED equipped flashlight has 6 performance modes
– 3,000 lumens and an autonomy of 2.8 hours
– 1,000 lumens and a runtime of 3.1 hours
– 350 lumens and an autonomy of 7 hours
– 150 lumens and an autonomy of 21.3 hours
– 30 lumens and an autonomy of 48 hours
– 3,000 lumen strobe

Due to such a high output of 3,000 lumens, the Fenix ​​​​​​TK20R V2.0 is equipped with overheat protection, and once the lamp head exceeds 60 degrees Celsius, the light output will be reduced. After cooling down, it is possible to increase the performance to the maximum again. The temperature rise of the lamp head is really lightning-fast, but is practically not transferred to the lamp body itself. If you are wearing gloves, you will only notice this phenomenon when the flashlight power automatically decreases. In 3,000 lumen mode, the flashlight lasts about 90 seconds before the control electronics kick in.

The afterglow of the flashlight is almost half a kilometer, when the manufacturer claims 475 meters.


Fenix ​​​​​​TK20R v2.0 tactical flashlight that will look good in many places, starting on the armed forces tactical vest, above the belt of the guard or in the EDC equipment of your car.

+ lamp body design
+ high output of 3,000 lumens and an afterglow of 475 meters
+ pleasant weight
+ a large selection of accessories
– very fast heating of the high power lamp head

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