Learn about the tradition Meghan Markle wants to pass on to her children and is frowned upon by royalty for remembering Lady Di

Without the good he had no shortcomings, Megan Markle He has a great sense of togetherness and social awareness, his parents’ childhood was from below in the social strata they were meant to live. She knows what poverty really is, even if she has never lacked a plate of food, her family knows more about giving than receiving. This is clearly something the Prince Harrywhose son is he? Lady Diwidely remembered for her selfless deeds.

Occasionally Megan Markle He mentioned the conscious education he received. “Despite the contrast of my two worlds growing up, there was an important commonality: My parents came from very little, so they made the decision to give a lot. Buying turkey for the homeless on Thanksgiving, delivering food to hospice patients, donating any change in your pocket to those who asked for it, performing silent acts of grace, whether it’s a hug, a smile. Prince Harry on the values ​​with which he grew up; something that would certainly make one very proud Lady Di.

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