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Tk rna for Zelenskho. The President ‘s Party failed in the local elections in Ukraine Svt

Kiev Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky suffered a stake in the recent local elections in Ukraine, when his party Servant Nation failed in most major cities. This was reported by AFP and DPA, citing a survey of voters leaving the polls.


The vote was considered a test for Zelensky, a former comedian who, without political experience, was able to clearly win the presidential election last April, thanks in part to his promise to end corruption and end the wolf with pro-Russian separatists at the entrance.

Three months later, his newly formed party gained more than half of its seats in parliament. However, since these triumphant victories, the Green Party has not made many concrete changes and its support has fallen sharply.

This was also confirmed by the Sunday elections, in which it was decided on the composition of the local and regional councils and thus on the occupation of the function of concern. According to surveys, when leaving the polling stations, in the most important Ukrainian cities, there is no chance to win or advance to the eventual second round of voting from the presidential party, the DPA agency wrote.

The (president’s) party is losing its leading position in virtually all regions … this is for Zelensk’s tissue, which could lead to changes in the government or early parliamentary elections, said analyst Mykola Davydjuk.

Sunday was the first vote in Ukraine since the arrest of the covid-19 pandemic. The voters entered the voting rooms in gowns and their entrance temperature was lower.

The former boxing champion of the vital Vitaly Kliko, who announced the day before the vote that he became infected with coronavirus, also won the election of the mayor of Kiev again in the elections. According to polls, when leaving the polls, Kliko confirmed the role of the favorite, gaining more than 45 percent of the vote. The presidential party candidate, on the other hand, received only eight and nine percent of the vote and ended up in the aunt or even fourth position.

In cities where the candidate for mayor does not receive more than 50 percent of the vote, there will be a second round of votes on November 15. According to AFP, it will take a few days.

The non-governmental organization Opora stated that less than 36 percent of voters voted; in the local elections five years ago it was 47 percent. The elections were not held in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia, or in the pro-Russian separatist countries in Donbass at Ukraine’s entrance.


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