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Tips for drying wet phones from Apple and Samsung

Smartphones getting wet due to an accident are common occurrences nowadays but few people know what is the right way to dry the phones after they get wet.
There is a lot of advice on the internet, some of which is contradictory. Apple recently added itself to the debate when it issued a warning warning against placing iPhones in rice paddies.
Following are the steps you can follow to dry wet phones effectively:
1) Dry the exterior with a towel or clean cloth. Remove the SIM card and holder and if possible remove the back cover and battery of the phone and dry it. Also switch off the phone. However, iPhones can’t be opened, so Apple recommends gently slapping them on your hand with the charging and headphone ports facing down to allow water to drain out.
2) Samsung recommends using a cotton bud to remove moisture from the headphone jack and charging port while Apple is against it.
3) If the phone has been dropped in a liquid other than water, such as cold drink, seawater or chlorinated water, Samsung recommends soaking the phone in clean water for a few minutes to remove any contamination or Clean up the salts.
4) Google says to keep the device at room temperature to dry it.
Another great option for drying the phone is silica gel, a drying agent that absorbs a lot of moisture. Silica gel usually comes in packets. It would also come with products like meat, seafood or shoes to keep them dry.
You can also buy it online. It works best for drying phones when placed in an airtight container with the phone.

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