Tinder Launches Video Call Chat Feature

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Tinder officially launched globally a video chat feature called ‘Face to Face’ to its users around the world. This feature has been tested in a number of countries, one of which is the United States.

This feature allows users to chat with new people on Tinder via video calls, without the need to meet in person or use other chat services such as Zoom.

Launch Engadget, Tinder’s security team admits the video feature has many risks. However, the company claims user safety is a priority.

Just like text messages, users can only chat via the video call feature if they are compatible. Users only need to tap the video icon and get approval from the other party to start the chat via video.

If you don’t want to video chat, users can turn it off at any time.

Launch Unilad, Tinder has been developing video features over the years to expand the way people interact on its app. The presence of Face to Face is one of the most popular and interesting media in applications today.

Tinder also recommends that users do not video chat right away. Instead encourage them to maintain communication via text messages.

Video calls operate in a 50:50 view, much like Instagram live. The user must also agree to the ‘ground rules’ before placing a call.


[Gambas:Video CNN]


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