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Following the example of Brussels and Wallonia, the Flemish government has also announced stricter measures, on top of the previously introduced federal tightening. These measures apply from midnight, and not only from Friday evening as previously announced. Existing rules such as the ban on gathering for groups larger than four people and the curfew will of course remain in force.


  • The Flemish government has promised a ‘hit-and-miss’ policy. De Lijn inspectors are empowered to Gas fines to indicate to those who do not wear their mouth mask on public transport.
  • The federal government is developing a framework so that local GAS officials be able to issue fines for non-compliance with the corona measures.


  • Shopping is still possible with up to two people: two adults or one adult with a minor.
  • No more events, except the weekly markets. Flea markets, Christmas and other markets therefore remain impossible.
  • The libraries will remain open, all other cultural centers will close. Cinemas are also closing.
  • Extra pressure to work at home as much as possible.

Worship Services, Funerals and Weddings

  • Again limited to a maximum of 40 people.


  • No more indoor sports for anyone over 12 years old. Sports is only possibleoutdoor and with a maximum of four people. In any case, contact sport was already prohibited for adults.
  • Swimming pools, fitness centers and bowling have to close the doors.
  • Professional sports will continue, but without an audience.
  • No restrictions for children up to 12 years old.


  • Universities and colleges have already gone to code red, which means online ¬≠afstandsonderwijs the rule is. The government only provides an exception for following practical subjects and for starting freshmen.
  • The extended autumn holiday until November 12 has already been decided.


  • Residents are only allowed in the residential care centers one fixed hug contact to have. In addition, one extra person is allowed to visit who can change every two weeks.
  • The government gives caregivers also the possibility to spend the night in the empty rooms of the residential care centers.


  • All youth activities for children from 12 years old will be discontinued.
  • The activities for -12 year olds can continue, but overnight stays are excluded. Outdoor playgrounds remain open.


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