TikTok phenomenon found the secret key on the back of iPhones

Elly Bailey (@ellyawesometech), one of TikTok’s technology phenomena, is known as Australia’s biggest technology influencer with 826 thousand followers. The technology expert woman became the agenda with her latest post, being watched millions of times all over the world.

Explaining that there is a hidden key on the back of iPhone phones, the woman showed how the function works with a video. Bailey said that “if you are not using the Back Touch feature, you are using the iPhone incorrectly” and said that the key has many features such as operating the camera.


The video highlights the little-known ‘Back Tap’ feature on most iPhones from iPhone 8 and above running iOS 14. Those who want to use this feature need to tap the Apple logo on the back of the phone two or three times.

Bailey chose to pair it with the Shazam shortcut to run the ‘Back Tap’ feature. So all he had to do was tap the back of his phone to quickly record a song playing.

To use this shortcut feature, the ‘Shortcuts’ application on your phone must be open. To use the feature, simply select Settings > Accessibility > Touch. Next, the ‘Back Tap’ options will appear at the bottom of the page and you will have to choose between double taps, triple taps or both.

When the feature is activated, many functions, from opening the camera to locking the phone, can be easily done with two or three clicks.

Millions of iPhone users who watched Bailey’s video thanked the phenomenon and said that this shortcut would make their lives easier. One user commented, “You changed my life forever”.

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