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TikTok launches advisory board in Europe to prioritize user safety

The Chinese social network has just announced the launch of a security advisory council in Europe.

Towards a more “safe” TikTok? © kovop58 – stock.adobe.com

An initiative by TikTok to strengthen the security of its application

TikTok has announced the launch of a Security Advisory Council for Europe to work on its content moderation policies and practices. The final objective: to ensure greater security for its community.

This advisory board will initially bring together 9 members. There are both academics and civil society members from all over Europe. To help the application deal with security issues, these members will provide their expertise and provide advice. You will find the names and functions of all the members on the blog post realized about it.

Not only will they help us develop forward-looking policies that address the challenges we face today, but they will also help us identify emerging issues that will affect TikTok and our community in the future, explains Julie de Bailliencourt, head of product policy, EMEA of TikTok

The creation of an advisory board following complaints in Europe

This initiative does not happen by chance, it follows in particular many criticisms and complaints in Europe concerning TikTok’s privacy policies, sometimes considered to go against the GDPR and not sufficiently protect minors.

Last February, UFC-Que Choisir joined with BEUC (European Bureau of Consumers’ Unions) to file a complaint against the Chinese social network, and in particular to alert on the non-respect of minor user rights. Expectations include the following: more clear information for consumers and better protection of minors against inappropriate content.

TikTok is therefore not currently popular in Europe, which is why the social network hopes to be able to convince by setting up this new security advisory council, and by making it evolve over time, by adding new members from other countries, with different areas of expertise.

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