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‘Sen.’ ready to overturn the draft of the Constitution.

March 3, 64 – Senator Kittisak Ratanawaraha (Senator) spoke of the opening of an extraordinary session of the Parliament to vote on the draft constitutional amendment for the third term in mid-March. Personally, it will be one vote to vote to overturn the draft constitution in agenda 3 because it believes that This amendment is intended to touch sections 1 and 2 that the Senators prohibit amendments and are confident that more than 84 Senate votes will vote to overturn the draft constitution as well as the 3rd term. It can be seen from the resolution of the Constitutional amendment on 25 February 2021 in Section 256/13 on the prohibition of Sen. Sen. Amendments to Chapter 1 and 2 that the Senate tried to add the message that Including the prohibition of MPs amending the content of 38 articles related to institutions into the draft constitution for Agenda 2, but it appears that the meeting voted with 349 to 200 votes, not adding additional words as required by the Senate. Go down Showed that MPs also have the intention of tapping the amendments of sections 1 and 2 because 349 votes are not just opposition voices. But still has a voice of the coalition government

“Many seniors agree that Should vote to overturn the draft constitution, agenda 3, to cut power from the beginning of the wind As for whether it is the cause of the large mob assembly, the people will follow or not What will happen will be The country cannot depend on the mob. If going to admit to the mob pressure And if he carries some mobs Must follow him or not If Senators release government bodies Statute passed Agenda 3, the protest will not end. The other party did not agree with the constitutional amendment. And defending the institution must come out Became an inexhaustible conflict The more let go, the more violent the conflict. Senator therefore cannot pass it, confirming that what will happen will have to happen, ”said Mr. Kittisak.

Sen. Lertrat Ratanavanich, Sen., said that he looked at the trend of voting for the constitutional agenda 3, and there should be 84 voices of Senators agreeing to agree. With clear signs since the amendment of the 2nd agenda of the constitution, including the number of votes in the constitutional amendment The Senate proposed to use two-thirds of the parliamentary meeting and requesting to add text. Prohibited MPs to amend 38 articles related to royal power, it appears that what the Senators proposed to lose all votes, making the Senators agree that Will not vote through agenda 3, but will have to wait for a decision of the Constitutional Court on March 4 before whether the entire constitution can be amended or not. If the court says that it cannot be solved The draft constitution was immediately dropped.

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