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Next Monday (8) is International Women’s Day and, as a way to honor the occasion, Facebook and Instagram are launching new stickers and themed stickers. Basically, these image packs were developed by illustrators who were inspired by female references from all over the world.

On Instagram, starting on March 1, users will have access to 2 new sticker packs: the first has a collection of images created by female artists, including the Brazilian Linoca Souza (@linocasouza), illustrator and visual artist from São Paulo who started in 2008 developing graffiti and, since 2012, has been producing paintings and illustrations on topics such as racial equity.

In parallel, the second brings 3 stickers that portray the performance of women in areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. And by the way, here in Canaltech We already did a special for Women’s Day with 10 women who left their mark on ancient and contemporary astronomy. Anyway, look at the stickers:

Instagram commemorative sticker packs were developed by illustrators who were inspired by female references from around the world (Image: Disclosure / Facebook)

As for Messenger, new stickers developed by acclaimed illustrator Jade Purple Brown will be available throughout the week in association with women’s media and entertainment company Refinery29, to celebrate and foster conversations about inspiring women who have blazed trails in their lives. communities.

And who said that celebrating Women’s Day is a grown-up thing? The little ones have their honor too: Messenger Kids will also receive stickers from a new collection designed to empower girls to express themselves, connect with their passions and write their own stories.

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Facebook and Instagram are committed to commemorative stickers for Women’s Day (Image: Disclosure / Facebook, montage / Nathan Vieira)

It is also worth mentioning that Avatars can also be used to commemorate the date as a temporary Facebook profile photo option with a Portuguese / Spanish message and seven new avatar stickers that can be used to comment on the post from friends and family and share on News Feed, Messenger and Stories.


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