Tik Big Brother live live after being cursed on the issue of young Sornram

Tik Big Brother Live, talked after being cursed by the netizens, the point of being cursed by the netizens.

Yesterday (13 Jan), actress Tikkanitrin Patcharaphakdichote or Tik Big Brother, the ex-wife of Sornram Theppitak, came out live live on Instagram. With the content of the images in the aforementioned video clips to vent their displeasure, no matter what they do, they are blamed by netizens by saying

“What do you have to do to be Mia Sornram? Must be an angel or not? Now that I don’t have to be, I want to ask, I want to know, I don’t know. Want to know, is Sornram’s wife has to be cursed? But tick, everyone wants to curse, can tick But let him go live or have a wife I just want to know that people who are Sornram’s wife must keep the fireworks. Where to go This is a new era.

I want to reconcile young brother already. Even if he doesn’t love it But himself still firmly hunches to take Nobody said anything. Take it easy. Ticking for everyone so there must be someone to curse like this Ready to announce for sure Because I left the house to tick the wrong way But must act well first Not gamble If you can reconcile without having to expect it to be successful or not But have to do a good job We do not reconcile normal, not at all. You can see how many meals you stick with. How hard work

Life cannot escape the drama. Ready to respond to people who came into the tumultuous comments that Sornram went to Nicole How do you know who’s up to whom? May it be as busy as you know it. You know as well as you think you are CNN. When you tick, what do you say? If you think well, you have to tell them to do it. As I know myself, but I do not know. Sornram is in his heart who loves who the most. He loves children, we must be a good mother, do not have to sleep with him. In the end, Mae Viji was such a person. Tik teaches himself, curses himself, has admitted that when he said what and answered what the reporter was unconscious

I’m not harder than anyone. But our lives are not the same. Find the answer, what must be the wife Sornram? I have pinned since I was married, since I did not know the meaning of meisornram. I only know, I have to go to your side. At that time there were many people coming to flirt. The house is rich as well. But we love him in any condition. We don’t want to leave him. Because he takes care of us

How much does Maisornram have to call a dowry? We dare not call But we love him as a young elder Willing to be trash, let him throw away what he has come across. You don’t have to be close to each other. Love him who is him (crying) tick, did not want his money at all. Didn’t want his treasure at all But missed because he missed the money Want him to come back to stand for the work that he loves again That day, we do not want to tell him to stress. We solve our own In the end, everything broke. Today, if you will come back or not, you won’t be alright. Along with admiring the ex-husband of Never Die for being a person with stuff

Tick ​​big brotherTick ​​big brotherTick ​​big brother

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Cover photo: Instagram @ mama.veeji

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