“The wallpaper is… ”Son Heung-min, who took out his cell phone at the club request, revealed his private life

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Soccer player Son Heung-min revealed his unknown daily life.

On the 13th, Tottenham’s club released’The Last Five’ Son Heung-min through its YouTube channel. ‘Last Five’ is content that gives a glimpse into everyday life, including five recent photos, five recent texts, and five recent SNS posts stored on Tottenham football players’ mobile phones.

Son Heung-min unveiled a blank black screen at the first question, “What is the mobile phone wallpaper?” Son Heung-min said, “Why isn’t it an award-winning picture or a goal-scoring picture?” he said, “I have a lot of pictures on my phone, but I’m not a style that puts my picture or name large. It’s been a long time since I used this wallpaper.”

When asked to reveal a recent photo taken with a camera, Son Heung-min pulled out a picture taken with his parents when he was awarded the Puskas Award. Then, he released pictures of childhood and snowy landscapes taken when he was 4-5 years old, pictures of the Korean national team training, and pictures of EPL’s player selection of the month.

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“I think I have all the photos even if I don’t use it as a background,” Son Heung-min explained, “It’s for personal use. Because it’s my phone, I save it. I don’t share it. I took it because I want to keep a good memory.” did.

Son Heung-min also revealed his favorite playlist and the five recently received text messages. All of Son Heung-min’s recent texts and calls were Tottenham public relations staff, fellow players, mothers, older brothers, and trainers.

Son Heung-min is famous for having clean privacy among real soccer players. In December of last year, British media’Football 365′ praised “Son Heung-min does not disappoint us because of the sex x party. He is 100% dedicated to his job as a soccer player. Son Heung-min is a dream player for coaches.” .

“Son Heung-min doesn’t disappoint us because of the sex x party” Four Reasons to Love Son Heung-min

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