Tiger Woods’ reflection on Nadal’s final stretch: “We should enjoy watching him compete” – Eurosport

The return of Rafael Nadal to the slopes is getting closer and doubts about their physical condition and at a sporting level cause the main actors in the world of sports to offer his opinion on the Spanish champion. The golfer Tiger Woods was asked at a press conference about his friend Rafa Nadal having also had to recover from a serious physical setback in the final stretch of his career.

The American wanted to put an interesting reflection on the table and acknowledged that “I think everyone we should enjoy watching him compete. And watching him play and what he means to the game and what he means to all of us, just seeing the passion of him, how he plays and why he plays.”

Furthermore, the American did not hesitate to praise the figure of Nadal and stated that “what Rafa has done is extraordinary“I mean, he won the Australian Open with a broken foot!”

Woods explained that the Balearic “It’s more than tough and more than competitive. And he knows that ‘Father Time’ is here. Every athlete faces it. And in some sports it happens faster than in others.” “Unfortunately, like in all sports, you can get old. AND I don’t want him to leave. I didn’t want to see Fed (Roger Federer) leave. But that’s precisely what happens,” he concluded.

2023-11-29 15:00:50
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