Three women shot dead in Rome, including the girlfriend of Prime Minister Meloni


In Rome, three women died this morning when a man opened fire during a meeting of residents of an apartment building. Among them is a friend of the Italian premier Giorgia Meloni.

In addition to the three dead, four were also injured, one of them seriously injured. About 30 people attended the meeting, he said the Italian channel Rai.

Meloni posted a photo of her deceased girlfriend a few hours ago, named Nicoletta Golisano (50 years old). Instagram. “It’s not right to die like this,” she captioned the photo.


The photo of the deceased woman that the Italian premier Meloni posted on Instagram

The 57-year-old gunman was overwhelmed by residents after the shooting and was arrested. According to Rai, in the past he had a series of disputes with the residents’ association and also kept a blog about it. He brought with him the firearm that he used from a shooting range. He didn’t have a gun license.

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