Three Lions Women’s Football Team Victory: Finally, a Bonus for Success!

Three Lions Women’s Football Team Victory: Finally, a Bonus for Success!

Fight for success!Three Lions women’s football team finally gets bonus

[Now Sports]The England women’s football team and the Football Association were negotiating the World Cup bonus agreement, which was suspended after the World Cup kicked off. Now the cloud has finally come to an end. Under FIFA’s new salary structure, every player who reaches the World Cup finals can receive a bonus of 150,000 pounds. However, for the Three Lions, this is just the basics, because the United States and Australia have listed additional bonuses. For female football players, many English heroes were very disappointed and bought a lot of time for this. Now the authorities have finally been convinced, and some players believe it will have a certain positive impact on the development of women’s football.

England general Millie Bright believes this is an important step for the rights of women’s football players: “We have reached a consensus, but I don’t think it is just about bonuses. The team had a good dialogue with the Football Association and we expressed the players’ rights. The team wants to be a role model for the world and this positive dialogue is necessary. We are optimistic that the future of women’s football will be very different and overall better. It is known that women’s football is developing very fast and carrying out such This dialogue ensures we remain at the forefront of women’s football in all areas.”

In addition to salary, a group of female players are actively promoting collective bargaining rights to catch up with the pace of the United States and Australia. As Bilage said, this is not a matter of money, but a necessary reform for the development of the next generation of women’s football. .

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2023-09-21 13:33:33

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