Actor-Turned-Influencer Ki Eun-se Announces Divorce Due to Personality Differences

Actor-Turned-Influencer Ki Eun-se Announces Divorce Due to Personality Differences

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Actor-turned-influencer Ki Eun-se (39) suffered a breakup.

According to entertainment industry sources, Ki Eun-se and the Korean-American businessman she married in 2012 had a conflict due to personality differences and decided to divorce.

The reason for the breakup was reportedly due to personality differences. There are no children between the two.

Sublime, Ki Eun-se’s agency, briefly responded to SBS Entertainment News, saying, “It is true that they decided to divorce due to differences in personality. We were preparing to announce this.”

Ki Eun-se debuted in the KBS drama ‘The Invisible Man’ in 2006 and worked as an actor and shopping mall model before marrying a businessman who was 12 years older than her in 2012.

Ki Eun-se publicized her married life by referring to her husband by the nickname ‘Wolverine’ through social media, and became an influencer by boasting of her luxurious interior design and fashion sense.

On the SBS entertainment program ‘Strong Heart League’ that aired last July, Ki Eun-se revealed that she and her husband have been married for 11 years and that she recently rented a separate house to film YouTube cooking content.

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(SBS Entertainment News Reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)

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