News Three employees of the Kutná Hora company Foxconn have...

Three employees of the Kutná Hora company Foxconn have a covid-19, were in contact with an infected person from Církvice | Home


Kutna Hora Three employees of the Kutná Hora company Foxconn have a coronavirus, they were in contact with the infected person from the outbreak in Církvice in the Kutná Hora region. Another 19 employees are in quarantine, on Sunday they will be tested for a possible infection, said Dana Šalamunová, a spokeswoman for the regional hygiene station. Test results should be known on Monday or Tuesday.

The information was also confirmed by the company’s spokesman Pavel Kožený. “Employees probably got infected when they contacted a job seeker,” Kozeny said. According to him, another almost 30 employees from Kutná Hora and Pardubice, who came into contact with those infected in recent days, work preventively from home.

According to Kožený, the company is taking a number of measures. “In Kutná Hora, shifts were again shortened so that workers from different shifts did not meet. Catering in the canteens is governed according to the schedule so that different work teams do not dine together here, “said the spokesman. Veils are mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas of the company. Employees go through temperature measurements at the entrance, they must regularly disinfect their hands.

According to Solomon, the infected people who had to be quarantined also worked in an open office, the so-called open space. “The so-called focal disinfection was performed in the company. As in all companies in the district, people must have drapes indoors, so we believe that they will be able to prevent the further spread of the disease, “said Šalamunová.

According to Šalamunová, seven new confirmed cases of covid-19 infection were added to the Kutná Hora region on Saturday, so a total of 46 people have been infected in connection with the outbreak in Církvice.

Stricter hygiene measures due to coronavirus came into force in the Kutná Hora region on Saturday. In public indoor spaces, people have to wear drapes, mass events are limited and visits to hospitals and nursing homes are prohibited. The hygienists issued an extraordinary measure on Friday due to an outbreak in Církvice, valid from midnight to Saturday.

The number of participants in outdoor events must not exceed 300 and in indoor spaces 200. In restaurants, people must keep a distance of at least two meters. A maximum of four people can sit at the table, with the exception of household members or loved ones. Disinfection should be used. There can be a maximum of 500 people at the swimming pool at the same time, and there, too, people must keep their spacing and disinfection must be provided.

Foxconn is the world‘s leading electronics manufacturer and after-sales service provider. It has been operating in the Czech Republic since 2000. Foxcon’s two operations in Pardubice and Kutná Hora employ around 5,000 employees.


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