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Nella Kharisma and Dory Harsa.

GridHot.IDIn Kharisma and Dory Harsa is reportedly in a relationship serious relationship.

Present as a guest speaker on the live Instagram RCTI Official, In Kharisma and Dory Harsa seemed flexible in answering a number question from presenter.

But there is one question which according to Dory Harsa can provoke a commotion in her relationship with In Kharisma.

At first the presenter asked who was the most attention in between In Kharisma and Dory Harsa.

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“Who is the most attentive?” asked the presenter.

Nella Kharisma immediately pointed at Dory Harsa with a shy smile.

The presenter then asked why Nella Kharisma was not like her lover.

“Why doesn’t Kek Nella pay attention? Why do you think Dory is?” asked the presenter.

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Dory Harsa thinks that this statement can make her and Nella Kharisma fight.

“Wow, you provoke questions for us to fight,” said Dory Harsa, glaring at Nella Kharisma.

Dory Harsa explained that both Nella Kharisma and herself are actually both concerned.

“Both are concerned, but I am the most concerned,” said Dory Harsa.

“I definitely remember not to forget to take medicine, eat not a lot, reduce the ice. I am the most attentive, the most talkative,” he added.

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