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Those hospitalized on the floor by Covid in Seville grow but those in the ICU go down




The updated data of pandemic they say he Covid is still present in the province of Seville. Of course, it is this elongated end of the sixth wave and after the
change of protocol when registering new infections
when the situation seems to have normalized.

Notified, according to the new strategy, the positive in people older than 60 years or those who present very serious symptoms or in risk groups and the quarantine has been eliminated in those positive cases that present mild symptoms, the Ministry of Health and Families has reported 650 new infected in the province of Seville, as well as 1,467 new cures.

Of course, once the situation is normalized ‘treating Covid like a flu’, what has not yet been reduced is the number of deceasedwith nine more reported in the last four days, reaching the global figure of 2,829 throughout the pandemic.

You have to remember that So far in April, 40 people have already lost their lives.s and throughout the sixth wave, 481.


In addition, a downward trend that led the hospital pressure in Seville after several weeks of decline and after having reached a maximum revenue peak of 503 on February 1.

Now Those hospitalized in the province have grown with 17 more patients on the wardwhile those who do it in the ICU, on the other hand, continue to decrease gradually, with one less compared to the previous part of last Friday, leaving the figure now at 8 Sevillians with a more serious clinical picture in Intensive Care.


In the province of Seville they have been administered since the beginning of the campaign, at the end of 2020, 4,294,096 dosesof which 1,736 were placed in the last four days.

For its part, the complete regimen has been received by 1,729,453 Sevillians from the nine age groups into which the target population has been divided (88.8%) and up to 1,771,551 Sevillians have received at least one dose (90, 9%).

This first vaccine 107,208 people over 80 years of age already have it; 158,477 between 70 and 79; 217,920 between 60 and 69; 294,898 between 50 and 59; 308,902 between 40 and 49; 221,600 between 30 and 39; 196,069 between 20 and 29; 175,110 between 12 and 19 years old and, finally, 91,352 Sevillians between 5 and 11 years old.

By contrast, with the complete agenda there are 106,281 over 80 years of age; 157,873 between 70 and 79; 216,725 between 60 and 69; 293,416 between 50 and 59; 306,298 between 40 and 49; 217,439 between 30 and 39; 191,546 between 20 and 29; 168,688 between 12 and 19 years old and, finally, 71,178 Sevillians between 5 and 11 years old.

Types of vaccines

Of the total doses administered in the province, 2,923,411 correspond to the brand Pfizer; 397,361 are from the laboratory of AstraZeneca; 890,882 belong to Modern; 82.440, a Janssen; and 2 to Novovaxwhich began to be administered in the second week of April 2022, as stated in the latest update of the Ieca portal itself in its section on vaccines against coronavirus in Andalusia.

As for the Sevillians with the third dose There are already 995,332 people who have received it in the province.

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