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This is the reason Atalanta is reluctant to play the last game against Milan


Atalanta believed not to want to budge from AC Milan in the last match A league this season. The prize money is the reason.

La Dea has already been confirmed to qualify for the Champions League next season. Being in second place with a collection of 78 points to 37th giornata, their position will not be overtaken Juventus who is in fifth place with 75 points.

Although the points can still be matched, Atalanta has a head-to-head lead with the Bianconeri this season. That way, a safe Champions League slot belongs to Luis Muriel et al.

This condition raises allegations Atalanta could have played casually in the last giornata against Milan, who is in third place with 76 points. Defeat will not change the situation for those who will still finish in the top four.

If so, the Rossoneri who are still struggling to qualify for the Champions League can benefit. However, it seems that this will not happen, and Atalanta is predicted to continue to pursue victory.

The reason is, if you lose to Milan, Atalanta will lose second place, and that means losing a sizeable amount of money. It was reported by the Italian Football, Serie A will provide a bonus of 19.4 million Euros (around Rp. 340.7 billion) for the team that finishes as runners-up.

Meanwhile, the team that finishes in third place will receive ‘only’ 16.8 million Euros, and the fourth-placed team will pocket Euro 14.2 million. Inter Milan himself as the champion this season gets a bonus from Serie A of 23.4 million euros.

Seeing the nominal difference above, Atalanta clearly reluctant to give up the last fight against Milan. Especially if they finish second, it will be the best achievement in their history.

This also makes Juventus insist on finishing in the top four. In addition to losing a lot of income if they fail to qualify for the Champions League next season, they will only get a bonus of 12.5 million Euros from Serie A if they finish in their current position, which is fifth.


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