Presidents Cup Golf Power Ranking 1st Seongjae Lim … Joohyung Kim, CEO of Energy

The United States and the international men’s golf tournament kick off on the 22nd.

At the Presidents Cup golf tournament, which opens on 22nd, Im Seong-jae (24) and Kim Joo-hyeong (20) are expected to be the main players of the international team.

The Presidents Cup, a men’s golf competition between the United States and an international team, kicks off on the 22nd in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

Among the 12 players of the international team, there are four Korean players: Im Seong-jae, Kim Joo-hyeong, Lee Kyung-hoon (31) and Kim Si-woo (27).

According to the power ranking introduced by the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour on the website on the 20th, Im Seong-jae finished first and was rated to play the role of “ace” of the international team, and Kim Joo-hyung also in fourth place.

Regarding Im Seong-jae, he said: “He is expected to compete almost every day because he is the most versatile Korean player.

Im Sung-jae also had a good record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss at the 2019 Australian Championships, the previous Presidents Cup.

Kim Joo-hyung also said: “This is my first time taking part in the competition, but it is a fast moving engine.”

Presidents Cup Golf Power Ranking 1st Seongjae Lim ... Joohyung Kim, CEO of Energy

Specifically, the PGA Tour Internet website published a separate article about Kim Joo-hyung and voiced Joo-hyung Kim as the “Chief Energy Officer” of the international team.

Regarding Kim Joo-hyung, who turns 20 this year, the PGA Tour said: “I set a record for being the youngest player to win 2nd place on the PGA Tour since World War II.”

International team leader Trevor Immelman (South Africa) also praised: “Kim Joo-hyung is young, but mature and versatile” and “a great player full of passion”.

Kim Joo-hyung also expressed his will, saying: “I want to instill energy for the team” and “I will take on a role as a young player”.

He said: “It won’t be easy (against the United States, where there are a lot of top rankers), but if we unite as a team, there will be opportunities,” he said.

Seongjae Lim’s performance in the 2019 tournament was also reported in this article.

The international team had a disadvantage because the players had different languages ​​and cultural differences, but in 2019 Vice President Choi Gyeong-ju and Lim Seong-jae performed well.

Adam Scott (Australia) of the international team also said: “Kim Joo-hyung is the player we want. If his confidence leads to a good performance, he can become a powerful weapon for us.”

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