This is the hidden room at the Jombang Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School belonging to Mas Bechi, it makes you gawk

Saturday, 09 July 2022 – 19:52 WIB

Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police, Kombes Dirmanto. Photo: Arry Saputra/, JOMBANG – The Shiddiqiyyah Ploso Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) in Jombang Regency, East Java turns out to have many secret rooms.

The room was found by the police while looking for MSAT alias Mas Bechi42, accused of sexual abuse of female students.

The Head of Public Relations of the East Java Police, Kombes Dirmanto, said that the large number of empty rooms in the complex was suspected to be one of the factors that caused the police to have difficulty finding the child caretaker and the leader of the Jombang Shiddiqiyah Islamic Boarding School.

Moreover, the family at that time was also reluctant to hand over the suspect so the officers continued to search.

“We found a lot of empty rooms there, many hidden,” said Kombes Dirmanto in Jombang, Thursday (6/7).

Kombes Dirmanto also asked the family to help the police in this matter.

The police have also tried to be humane in enforcing the law.

The police were only able to secure Mas Bechi after surrendering himself to the police on Thursday (6/7) at around 23.00 WIB.

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