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This is how Meghan Markle manages to keep fit

The Duchess loves delicious food.

Slim hips and graceful waist – 41-year-old Meghan Markle, despite a difficult schedule, knows how to keep fit. The Duchess of Sussex has a secret that seems obvious, but not everyone respects it.

As he writes Hello! citing Markle’s personal blog, most women’s activity peaks in the afternoon. To have strength for work, for the children and to keep order in the house, Prince Harry’s wife always has a hearty dinner, but she doesn’t eat too much to the point of feeling heavy in the stomach. In this period she treats herself to pasta with zucchini, grilled chicken and even french fries.

In the evening, the former actress prefers to eat small portions and low-calorie foods. Heavy meals can cause sleep problems, she says, so green salads or steamed meats are best.

Photo source: Legion Media

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