This is a list of Russian services that Putin mentioned when he met Jokowi


Russian President Vladimir Putin reminded President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) about services Russia who has helped Indonesia a lot since the beginning of independence. The role of Russia when the country was still called the Soviet Union.

“Let me remind you that our country helps Indonesia build a state and strengthen the position of the young republic in the international arena,” he said in his remarks with Jokowi, quoted Saturday (2/7/2022).

In historical records, Russia in 1945 to 1950 built Indonesia to seek international recognition for the independence and sovereignty of the Indonesian nation.

Russia which at that time was still the Soviet Union, which was one of the countries that welcomed the birth of Indonesia as an independent country and the Soviet Union condemned all forms of colonialism. Indonesian independence fighters hoped for support and assistance from the Soviet Union.

“At the United Nations (UN) the Soviet Union repeatedly raised the issue of Indonesia and demanded the United Nations to stop the Dutch military aggression, and called on the international community to recognize Indonesia as an independent country,” wrote a note on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, quoted on Saturday. (2/7/2022).

Then, Putin also briefly touched on various infrastructure developments that were Russian assistance. Starting from transportation facilities, large industrial infrastructure, stadiums, hospitals, and other important institutions.

Well, what Putin said was true. It was recorded in history where relations between Indonesia and Russia became more intimate in 1956-1962. That year is said to be the peak of intimate relations between Indonesia and Russia.

The intimacy of the two countries is shown by visiting each other. The results of the visit resulted in agreements in various fields, including political, economic, socio-cultural, humanitarian, and military, such as the disbursement of financial aid, the construction of various projects and the supply of military equipment from the Soviet Union to Indonesia.

The development projects that received assistance from Russiaincluding the construction of the Friendship Hospital, the Gelora Bung Karno stadium, and the Hotel Indonesia.

Furthermore, there are infrastructure developments such as the construction of roads, bridges and airfields in a number of areas, construction of steel factories and other facilities.


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