This app allows you to make video calls with celebrities, although it will not be free

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All of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted to talk to a famous person. Neither in Spain nor in the rest of the world are there simple ways to contact these celebrities, but services are already appearing to try to bring them closer to the large general audience. It is the case of Cameo, the application that allows you to buy prerecorded messages from celebrities.

Now the app has added a new feature that will delight the most die-hard celebrity fans: perform video calls with famous people. Thus, the application offers pre-recorded videos to live conversations with these celebrities.

Of course, at a price. Of course it all depends on which celebrities are in the application and especially the time they offer. Because yes, we will not be there indefinitely, but we will pay for a series of minutes in which we can chat with these users.

Talk to famous people

If we go to the famous page, we will see a list of rates, minutes, and especially the professions of these celebrities. Because obviously there are more or less well-known celebrities, and although the list is extensive, not all faces are especially famous. Of course, the more cache the actor has, the more expensive the price will be.

Some of the most famous people we see on this list, as of this writing, are Scott Evans, Hanbyul Jang (a K-Pop singer) or Rob Emmer, showman in the program Impractical Jokers by TruTV. The list is updated as celebrities connect and go live, and this is scheduled for days.

Prices will vary depending on the cache and what the famous person considers to be worth their time. The mean is usually in about 30 dollars, and the average time is usually between 3 and 5 minutes, with exceptions of up to 10 minutes. For example, Janbyul Jang is priced at $ 40 for 10 minutes of talk and Scott Evans is priced at $ 65 for 2 minutes.

Still lacks travel

Cameo and his list.

Cameo and his list.



Far from the fact that this application is American, the truth is that the average number of celebrities who pass through the app it is quite poor. Let’s remember that this is a new feature that is still being implemented in Cameo, so there is a lot of room for celebrities to take advantage of it.

However, some of the biggest names that have passed through the application are not very well known. In OMICRONO we have seen Vanessa Marcil (actress of the program General Hospital), Billy Dee Williams (actor who played Lando Calrissian in Star Wars) or Cody Linley, actor of the program Hannah Montana.

This is, without a doubt, a much more personal way to contact your favorite personalities … as long as you are Spend time with Cameo. Time will tell if this is a viable way to work, or if it will remain as one more anecdote.

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