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The Diputación del Común prepared an extraordinary report a month before the outbreak of the coronavirus warning of the serious situation in which the residences were in the Canary Islands. This report confirms the coexistence of residents with rats and cockroaches in the kitchens, chiches in the mattresses and even outbreaks of scabies recurring records collected in the minutes of some of the residences. The investigation was carried out the Deputy to the Common Council for the protection of the rights of the elderly in 2019, making 25 visits to centers in Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife with an approximate duration of one hour and 45 minutes each.

“In one center we noticed that the residents did not speak, nobody spoke. The next day, taking data we realized that they had all of them shot, with medication. Quiet, they do not speak, they do not say anything, they do not bother, that’s it! “, has sentenced Milagros Fuentes, Deputy to the Diputación del Común and author of the investigation. Medical visits from year to year, mercantile contracts, elderly people tied to their beds without any protocol that regulates it, total absence of privacy and of inspections and even kitchens with open spaces used, literally, “as dump of the own waste from those kitchens”Can be read in the report.

These data collected by the lawyer Milagros Fuentes and the team of the Diputación del Común It has been in the hands of Parliament since November and yet they have not even given the Common Council a date to present it in the Chamber. “Bathrooms with obvious signs of dirt, two outbreaks of scabies, bed bug infestations in mattresses, dining rooms with food scraps for hours, cigarette butts piled up on the doors, “the report details.”The report has been published since November in the Official Gazette of the Parliament, he has gone from one commission to another that was not the competent one as they have said, and there he is, without saying anything. Another thing is that it is not read or is not interested in reading what one does not want to see “, Fuentes sentence.

Interview with the author of the extraordinary report on residential care centers for the elderly in the Canary Islands

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The Diputación del Común also denounces in this report a total lack of privacy and a low level of inspections. It also details terrible scenes like Seniors lined up in narrow corridors to access dining rooms, -some with food scraps spent more than an hour-. “People who eat alone, in a corner of the room, without interaction and with their backs to the rest of the activity in the center, people who stay with food scraps stains, without changes of splattered clothes for the rest of the day“The report literally says. Humidity in rooms and even kitchens with open spaces used, literally, “as a landfill of the own waste of those kitchens “.

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