Selections: Marquinhos and Neymar shine at the Copa America, Paredes a little less

In the wake of those of Europeans playing Euro 2020 with their respective selections, we can also follow during the night the Copa America meetings of the South American players of PSG. Brazilians Neymar and Marquinhos got off to a good start, while Argentina’s Leandro Paredes stalled.

Difficult start for Paredes and Argentina

Leandro Paredes and his compatriots were probably hoping for a much better result than the one finally obtained against Chile (1-1). After an opening scoring from the inevitable Lionel Messi on a direct free kick in the 33rd minute of play, l‘Albiceleste conceded the equalizer just before the hour mark from Eduardo Vargas. Leandro Paredes, tenured in low point of the Argentine midfielder, delivered a rather ordinary match.

Collecting the score of 5 by TyC Sports and Olé, the native of San Justo failed to weigh on the meeting, often lacking volume without a ball and being regularly caught in his back by the Chileans in the second half. The Argentine sports channel sums up the frustrating performance of the Parisian with this formula proving that the problem does not come only from him: ” In the possession phase, he convinces us. Without the ball, he annoys us, but that’s not his responsibility. »

Angel Di Maria, who entered the game in the 67th minute instead of Giovanni Lo Celso, brought a lot of dynamism to an amorphous team. Olé (5) as well as TyC Sports (6) noted his efforts and his desire to do well, however without any real consequence on the fate of the match. Still too messy, the PSG winger may have scored points with Lionel Scaloni for the match against Uruguay on the night of Friday to Saturday (at 2am).

The Brazil of Marquinhos and Neymar in great shape

On the night of Sunday to Monday, Brazil, controversial organizer of this Copa America and logical favorite after his coronation in 2019, started in a completely different way. For good reason, Auriverde won 3-0 against Venezuela, carried by their two Parisians, Neymar and Marquinhos. The PSG striker has once again been in all the right places. At the origin of the corner leading to the goal of his teammate in club and friend after a deflection of Richarlison, then doubling the penalty, before serving on a Gabriel Barbosa plateau at the very end of the match.

Author of his 67th goal in 107 appearances with the Brazilian selection, Neymar is still getting a little closer to Pelé (77 goals in 92 games), the top scorer in the history of the Selection. Again very attractive in his left off-center position very free in his positioning, the 29-year-old convinced Globo Esporte, rewarding him with a score of 8 for his very successful performance.

For his part, Marquinhos, associated with Madrid’s Éder Militão in hinge, was once again very concentrated and solid defensively. Regularly scorer with PSG (8 goals in 38 club games in 2020-2021), the defender turned into an offensive to quickly give Brazil the advantage of the header from a corner. A bonus adding credit to a masterfully managed meeting.

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