They raid a Brandsen country house and find an arsenal: carbine, pistol and 67 fist weapons

A carbine, a pistol and 67 different types of fist weapons were kidnapped in the last hours during a raid that police officers of the province of Buenos Aires carried out in a Brandsen field in the framework of a case for threats, sources reported police.

The procedure was carried out by detectives from the SubDDI of this town in a rural establishment located at kilometer 10 of provincial route 29.

In the operation – which had the collaboration of numeraries from the Brandsen Communal Police Station and the Jeppener Detachment – the person in charge of the place, a 55-year-old man, was also apprehended.

Meanwhile, in addition to the carbine, a 22 with a telescopic sight; and the pistol, of the same caliber; the uniformed officers seized two replicas of firearms, chargers, five machetes, 61 knives of different types and sizes, a ninja star and 67 different types of ammunition.

The Brandsen Decentralized UFI, led by Dr. Mariana Albusi; and the Court of Guarantees No. 3 of the La Plata Judicial Department.

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