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They murder a 12-year-old girl in Tala, Jalisco

The body of a 12 year old girl He was found early this Monday on the road to La Joya, in the municipality of Tala, Jalisco, with signs of violence.

According to the first investigations, the minor, named Elys “N”, left her house in the La Arenita neighborhood on Sunday, August 16 and was going by a phone charger to the Los Conejos ranch, but since then communication with she.

Not knowing anything, her relatives made a report to the municipal police and after carrying out different search actions, elements of the corporation located the minor without life in a cane field, for which they informed the agent of the Public Ministry.

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The State Prosecutor’s Office began investigative work in order to collect evidence to clarify the facts, as well as to find the person or persons allegedly responsible for this unfortunate event.

According to the agency, after the first proceedings, the main line of investigation points to someone close to the minor, including the stepfather, who is already under investigation to determine if he could be involved in these events.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that to investigate this femicide, it formed “an interdisciplinary group” from different areas of the agency that work both at the point where the body of the minor was located and in the vicinity of her home.

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