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They fell in love 20 years ago, they lost track and they found each other again thanks to Facebook

The creation of the Internet and social networks, such as Facebook, has made many things in life easier. One of them is having the accessibility of being able to contact old friends or boyfriends of yesteryear, as is the case of Joselita Saboia and Jehovah Gusmão, two people from Brazil who met again after living twenty years apart from each other.

The couple’s love story began in the city of Teresina, when the woman decided to open a restaurant in her 30s. Joselita, who had two children, thought at that moment that she would never fall in love again, but then she met Jehovah.

“He came to Teresina to deliver materials and ended up passing by my meat restaurant. It was love at first sight. He always came, and we lived this love for a few months, ”the woman commented to a local media outlet.

Jehovah is a trucker who lived in Rio de Janeiro and he visited Joselina every time he passed by the restaurant. However, despite living in the same country, the encounters were rare due to the distances that separated them.

One day the woman’s business could not get ahead, so it had to close. Immersed in her financial worries, Joselina was never able to tell Jehovah what had happened and she never heard from the one who called the “Love of his life.”

At present, the only hope they both had was to meet in social media. “I was always looking for her, on social media, but I couldn’t find her,” said the man in the middle.

After 20 years of having their first date, social networks did their magic and they finally met again.

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“I managed to locate her, I wrote to her and she answered me. I couldn’t believe it, I spent too many nights dreaming about her, wondering what would become of her life and if I would ever have the opportunity to see her again, ”Jehovah said.

Fortunately for both, the two were single. At the time of restarting their contact, they agreed to see each other on June 12, Valentine’s Day in Brazil.

“The reunion was very emotional and now we plan to move in together. I am very happy and excited, because I have always been waiting for it, I have never forgotten it. He was always the love of my life. When his message arrived, I even got emotional, because I was always looking for him too, ”said Joselita.

The couple again took a photo in the same place where they had their first date in their thirties.

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