They arrest a man for carrying 3.7 kilos of beef rib

The National Police apprehended Julián Augusto Ortiz Barrios, 40 years old, domiciled in the San Isidro neighborhood of Colonel Oviedowho saved carne under his clothes, specifically a strip of beef rib of 3 kilos and 700 grams, and then he was surprised at the main access by supermarket officials.

The 1st Crossing Police Station, dependent on the Caaguazú Department Police Directorate, reported the apprehension of a subject in flagrante delicto of an eventual punishable act of theft, according to Última Hora correspondent Robert Figueredo.

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The event occurred last Friday, at 7:00 p.m., inside the Fortis supermarket, located at kilometer 131 of route PY02 in Coronel Oviedo.

The police operation was reported to the Public Ministry.

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