They are all starting to take us seriously, Vrba believes after winning the derby

Sparta football coach Pavel Vrba considers a 1-0 victory in the Prague derby over Slavia in the 10th round of the first league to be very important with regard to the further development of the table and the self-confidence of his team.

He is pleased that the Letna team followed Thursday’s 1-0 victory against the Rangers in the 2nd round of the European League. However, the 55-year-old coach is sorry that a national team break will follow.

The Spartans defeated the city rival after 14 mutual matches and for the first time since March 2016. The Slavic defending champion in the league suffered defeat for the first time since last March after a record 54 duels.

“I definitely appreciate it very much. Slavia was the only team that beat us twice in the spring of last season, in the league and in the cup. Slavia was clearly better in both matches, we were pulling for a shorter end. I appreciate the victory all the more. that we are still at the top of the table. We want to fight for the top positions, “Vrba told a press conference.

In front of 17,093 spectators, Sparta won for the second time in a row in the league and got a point ahead of Slavia to second place in the table. Letenští loses four points to the head of Pilsen. The Vršovice team has a well-postponed match with Olomouc.

“If we didn’t make it today, the gap would be significantly larger and it would be much more complicated. From my point of view, a very important match for the development of the table and Sparta’s self-confidence. They will all have to start taking us seriously,” said Vrba.

“We have a match with Slavia behind us, while Pilsen has her ahead of it. Some of them will lose. From this point of view, it is advantageous for us. When you look at the table, it is already interestingly divided into the first five teams and other teams, “There are a lot of matches in the spring. We want to have the best possible position also because we play with those opponents at home (in the superstructure group for the title), which is very important,” added the former coach of Pilsen or the Czech national team.

The league now has a national team break. “When I was sitting in the office after the match, I told my colleagues that when I remember how we started long after the September national team break, it was not at all pleasant. I’m a little afraid of that,” Vrba said.

“About 10 players will leave to perform their duties and arrive later. It interferes with the team and cooperation for the next matches that await us. I believe that the players will arrive in the good mood with which they leave for the meeting. And that we will build on how we “I’m glad we continued the match on Thursday when we beat the Rangers. This week was very important for us and we managed it,” praised the native of Přerov.

Sparta’s victory in the derby was scored by the 42nd minute from Lukáš Haraslín. Another wingman, Jakub Pešek, was also dangerous. “In the transfer period, we were looking for players who will help us mainly from the wings in speed and in the things we want to play. When they start scoring even more goals, it will be fantastic. The choice was the right one,” said Vrba.

“This is the way to succeed not only in the Czech league, but also in cup competitions. I have experience that if you have fast players, we can succeed. Today, teams in Europe and here in the Czech Republic are very well organized. Without speed, it is very difficult , “said Vrba.



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