these destinations which reopen in November (and under what conditions)?

Since the announcement of the end of the “travel ban” at the end of September, the United States was slow to specify its reopening schedule. It will finally be November 8 reassured the White House on Friday. On that date, land travel, like international air travel, will again be possible for visitors vaccinated against Covid-19, even for trips deemed non-essential.

Travel conditions remain to be clarified, but to date, US authorities have already announced that people from abroad, including the European Union, will need to be fully vaccinated to enter the country. Travelers will also need to get tested within three days of their trip., and wear a mask.

Besides, a monitoring system will be put in place by the airlines, who will have to collect the information allowing them to be contacted if necessary. But, the United States is not the only country that foreign nationals will be able to visit again starting in November.

Thailand, a reduced opening in November

The Thailand will also gradually reopen its borders to foreign visitors vaccinated from November 1. Initially, the kingdom will indeed accept tourists from “countries considered to be low risk”: the United States, China, United Kingdom, Germany and Singapore. Be careful, French nationals are not yet guaranteed to be able to go there on that date, but this list should be expanded soon, the Thai Prime Minister promised.

Visitors must present a negative Covid test on arrival and take a new one on site. Until now, only the “sandbox” program allowed vaccinated tourists to go to the seaside resort of Phuket (south). But they were forced to stay for a week in a hotel on the island before they could venture to other parts of the kingdom.

Bali reopened to the French

Another tourist destination to reopen its borders: Bali. The Indonesian island officially reopened its airport to some international flights on Thursday, including those from China, Japan and France. Like Thailand, the economy of “Island of the Gods” has been devastated by more than a year and a half of closure to foreign tourists due to Covid-19.

Foreign visitors should also be fully vaccinated, submit to a 5-day quarantine in a hotel and have the correct visas to get to Bali. The Indonesian authorities have just announced the reopening of tourist visas, which had been suspended since the start of the pandemic, however visas on arrival have not yet been reinstated.

Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport is accessible to travelers from 19 countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, France, United Arab Emirates, Dubai and New Zealand. This reopening does not however concern Australia, which provided the largest contingent of tourists to the Indonesian island before the pandemic.

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