These are the paradisiacal beaches that celebrities chose to vacation after the closure of Punta del Este – GENTE Online

2020 was a difficult year for everyone. The coronavirus pandemic forced many changes in life routines. Undoubtedly, many were looking forward to the holidays so that they could enjoy and relax after many days of isolation.

However, several celebrities had to change their plans after the closing of Punta del Este, the destination chosen par excellence. Many chose to move to the south of the country and others preferred to rest on the Argentine coast.

But several opted for abroad, despite the possibility of having to experience a border closure due to covid-19. Since Miami until Hawaii and Mexico the stars live a summer 2021 in true earthly paradises.

Pampita packed the suitcases and left with Roberto Garcia Moritan to Riviera maya. The couple arrived accompanied by the 3 children of the model: Bautista, Beltrán and Benicio. They settled in a luxurious hotel all inclusive.

Family shares destiny with Fabian Cubero and Mica Viciconte, who arrived with the 3 daughters that the soccer player had with Nicole Neumann: Indiana, Allegra and Sienna. A full TikTok, Beans and Mica they share fun dance routines from the beach.

After having lived a very intense year, by replacing his grandmother in driving, Juana Viale began his well deserved vacation. The chosen place was Miami, where he rests with his daughter Amber, his mom, Marcela Tynare, and his brothers Nacho Viale y Rocco Gastaldi.

The clan vacation in a luxurious apartment, owned by Mirtha Legrand, located in the exclusive neighborhood of One Bal Harbour.

Tini Stoessel he went to Orlando. The singer was forced to stop her hectic concert schedule due to the pandemic, so as soon as she had the opportunity, she got on a plane and flew out of the country.

Nicole Neumann first he was in the South with his sister Geraldine and his daughters. And then he left for Miami, where he received 2021 in the middle of a controversy for having enjoyed the fireworks on the last day of 2020.

Marcela Kloosterboer She is in Hawaii with her children and her husband. But before he was also in Miami, where he was reunited with his father and brother. Thomas.



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