These are the applications that consume the most battery on your mobile

One of the most frequent causes of the mobile losing battery quickly are the Applications that may be working in background, although we did not use them at that time. These applications remain open to be able to receive messages or emails, for example.

The internet service company pCloud has done a study which identifies the applications that have the most activity in the background and has concluded that of the 16 processes that applications can activate in the background, Fitbit (smart watch app) and Verizon (United States telecommunications operator) are the most used, with a total of 14.

Then, among the first 10, the networks stand out Facebook i Instagram and the dating app Tinder. You also have to be careful with Airbnb. Between positions 11 and 20, Zoom, WhatsApp, YouTube, Amazon, SnapChat and Telegramo stand out. On average, the 20 apps that consume the most battery use eleven permissions in the background, including the access to photos, location and microphone.

To know which applications are running in the background, you have to look in the section “Battery”. Depending on the brand or operating system of the mobile, it will say it one way or another, but there is almost always a section that informs about which are the applications that consume the most battery. Once the apps that spend the most are detected, you have to resort to the device’s battery optimizer, a system that closes apps that have been running for a long time in the background in order to save battery life.

The apps that consume the most would have to be configured when “optimizing”. There are, however, that have to work yes or yes. To find out, you have to touch the application icon to see the information. If it is not necessary for their operation, they do not need to be open in the background.



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