There will probably be no new trains until at least 2027 – Linkaits for lost tax

Given that the cash flow for the purchase of trains was planned to be financed from the old car tax, it can be said with 95% probability that there will be no new regional trains until at least 2027, the Minister of Transport on Saturday on the social network “twitter” Tālis Linkaits (jJKP) answered a question from a user of this network when a purchase is expected.

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News agency LETA reported on Thursday that Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš (JV) has instructed to review the amendments to the law, led by the Ministry of Transport (MoU), which provided for the taxation of passenger cars over five years of age and which are registered in Latvia after importation from abroad.

Kariņš raised the issue of these amendments at a meeting of coalition parties, emphasizing that the MoU, together with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the Ministry of Finance, will have to rework the proposed car registration tax and offer a new solution, the agency reported. “There must be an incentive mechanism with long-term benefits for the environment and society. The current offer does not provide this,” the microblogging siteTwitter“announced Kariņš.

Cabinet of Ministers has supported amendments to the Law on Vehicle Maintenance Tax and Company Car Tax, rejecting the criticized idea of ​​introducing a car registration tax.

On Friday, the Cabinet supported the amendments In the Law on Vehicle Maintenance Tax and Company Car Tax, abandoning the criticized idea of ​​introducing a car registration tax. Previously Ministry of Transport (MoU) had developed amendments to the relevant law, envisaging to introduce a car registration tax from January 1, 2021 with the aim to prevent the registration of old and environmentally unfriendly cars in Latvia, LETA reported.

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