big is | Politics. When Rottner unmasks the far right

Masked, not masked? Unmasked? When, after a few seconds of sitting of the standing committee, Jean Rottner decides to drop the mask from the rostrum, it is after having sought the agreement of his colleagues, all more distant than a good meter from the presidential chair. It is above all to be heard more clearly, in form and substance, when he takes the party not to let the elected RNs pass anything by, always in ambush, especially when they advance “masked”. For example, behind their defense of the animal condition which would be undermined by slaughterhouses, Jean Rottner very quickly detected the condemnation of slaughter according to the hallal ritual practiced by Muslims. Or kashrut among the Jews, added Pernelle Richardot, president of the PS group.

“Either we are on technical elements on the organization of the meat sector, or we are on the policy”, hammered the president of the Region after some lively discussions with several elected RN, including Messina Françoise Grolet. “You look at the animal condition through an extremely politically oriented and unpleasant little lens,” Rottner tackled.

By March, political management will continue with the vote of € 47.9 million in aid, in the dynamic of the recovery plan, in support of the economy (€ 17.1 million), mobility (4 M €), the youth employment training center (16.1 M €), and rurality (10.6 M €). We note the support for agriculture in the Vosges mountains, the development work of the Thionville station, the participation (€ 500,000) in the construction of a thermally passive college on the Artem site in Nancy.

But also the budgeting of € 182,000 to finance the installation of contactless distribution terminals for hydroalcoholic gel in 24 stations (including 11 in Lorraine). And cover their supply until… 2023.

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