There are 12 boxes of illegal cigarettes in the car in Tukums region

Last weekend, police officers in Degole Parish, Tukums Region, during the car inspection, removed 12 boxes of cigarettes “Winston” without excise stamps, informed State Police Zemgale Dace Kalniņa, representative of the regional administration.

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Illegal cigarettes were transported by a man born in 1970 in an Opel Vectra. 120,000 cigarettes were removed during the inspection.

The driver was detained at the scene and is currently being subjected to non-custodial security measures.

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the police in accordance with Section 221, Paragraph one of the Criminal Law regarding the illegal storage, movement or sale of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products, if it has been committed to a significant extent. The offenses referred to in this Article shall be punishable by a term of imprisonment of up to one year, temporary deprivation of liberty, forced labor or a fine.

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