Their birthday in one day .. Check out the dialogue of Ilham Shaheen and Nadia Lotfy .. Video and photos

Today, January 3, the birthday of both artists, Ilham Shaheen and the able artist Nadia Lotfy, coincides with the publication of Ilham Shaheen, “a video” of the scenes of her visit to the hospital through her account on Instagram.

The artist Ilham Shaheen sent a message to the able artist Nadia Lotfy: “I love you … every year and sweeter human being and the greatest artist in Capricorn … the beautiful kind heart called Nadia Habibi my heart is kind and fine and health, Lord.”

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Ilham Shaheen said: “January 3 is a special day … The birthday of Nadia Lotfy, the most beautiful woman in Egyptian cinema … and the beloved of my heart remains to me the honor that I am born on the same day … to take all your qualities.” She added: “I love you and learn from your magnanimity in life .. All these needs I can remember you and learn from you. “


On the other hand, Nadia Lotfy said that the artist Ilham Shaheen in her first appearance was a promising talent with the greatest actress that she was similar to the artist Faten Hamama, but she presented works separately from her, as she was able to have an independent personality and entered into public work.

It is noteworthy that Ilham Shaheen recently appeared in the “Eye” program on Al-Hayat channel, in which she said she was jealous because she was found in Hollywood, America, to present a movie about Cleopatra, adding: “I do not have hope because historical films cost so much, and I had dreams that it translated and for the whole world.”

And on the movie “A Day for Women”, I mentioned that it is a special case for him, and it represents the 100th movie for her, as she dreamed of performing 100 films, where she achieved what she was dreaming of, in addition to that the movie includes 10 senior Egyptian stars, and she was excited about the film itself, Contrary to her role in person, she gives her faith in the value of the film, especially as his message is beautiful and calls for love, tolerance and exit to life, and calls for beauty and great humanity.

Ilham Shaheen revealed her latest work, which is her movie “A curfew” written and directed by Amir Ramses, and the star Ilham Shaheen began filming her scenes in the movie “Curfew”, in mid-October in the decorations of the work, and the film revolves around a mother, embodied by the artist Ilham Shaheen She is detained with her daughter, and the role is played by the artist Amina Khalil, somewhere during the curfew, and the mother rediscovers her relationship with her daughter since that incident.

The film “Curfew” was written and directed by Amir Ramses, starring Ilham Shaheen and Amina Khalil, and the Palestinian Kamel Al-Basha, and the rest of the heroes participating in the work are being nominated.

This work returns Ilham Shaheen to the cinema after her absence about 3 years ago since her last work, “The Day for Women”, which starred Nelly Karim, Nahed El Sebaei, Hala Sedky, Raja Hussein and Shaima Saif, in addition to the stars Mahmoud Hamida, Farouk El Fishawy Ahmed El-Fishawy, Iyad Nassar and Ahmed Dawood, written by Hana Attia.


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