Nadia Lotfy retired from acting in 1993 and did not withdraw from life. She said of Ahmed Zaki: My resemblance

She has retired from acting since 1993 and not from art and life..and she resisted disease and ugliness as she resisted the enemy during the war Nadia Lotfy in the last interview: I learned patience, not those who fear time and its actions, and I do not fear death Ahmed Zaki resembles me, I concluded … Read more

Witness .. Nadia Lotfy accepts her only son, Ahmed El-Bechari

The departure of the great artist Nadia Lotfy, Egyptian cinema is lost, one of the most important stars of Egypt in the sixties and seventies, where Egyptian cinema affected many of the cinematic works that reached almost 80 works, all of them carrying important social issues, even her romantic works, remain among the most important … Read more

Ashraf Zaki: What was published about Nadia Lotfy’s death is incorrect … The artist is alive

The artist denied Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions, about what was circulated about the news of the death of actress Nadia Lotfy Saying in special statements to “the seventh day” that she is still alive and news of a rumor that her death has no basis in truth, indicating that he asks her … Read more

New developments in the health of the artist Nadia Lotfy

A source close to the great actress Nadia Lotfy revealed the latest developments of her health condition, after the recent crisis she suffered and was admitted to Maadi Military Hospital after she lost consciousness more than once. The source confirmed that the actress Nadia Lotfy started to regain her consciousness slightly, and she spoke with … Read more

Nadia Lotfy under the supervision of a group of doctors in Maadi after her condition deteriorated

Exist The great actress Nadia Lotfy inside the intensive care in Maadi HospitalAnd, after her health deteriorated, she is currently under the supervision of a group of physicians, especially after she lost consciousness more than once. A number of artists and media professionals were keen to visit them, including the great artist Mervat Amin, Dalal … Read more

Artist Nadia Lotfy put a respirator inside intensive care

A source close to the big star, Nadia Lotfy, confirmed to “The Seventh Day”, that the doctor treating her ordered her to enter a second time for intensive care inside Maadi Hospital, after her health condition decreased somewhat, this came after she was transferred to a regular room during the past two days after her … Read more

Watch … a tart, a karaoke, a turnip, and a lamp in the birthday of the able star Nadia Lotfy

Director Magdy Ahmed Ali celebrated the birthday of the able artist Nadia Lotfy, at her house, accompanied by the artist Ilham Shaheen, where he presented her with a “tart” bearing her picture, and they exchanged memorial photos and attended dinner. Magdy Ahmed wrote on his personal page, “Facebook”, saying: On the wonderful birthday His club … Read more