The Woddafucka Thing – Beautiful Wednesday | Cinema in the KulturBrauerei – Berlin

Beautiful Wednesday presented by radio eins: THE WODDAFUCKA THING

In the presence of director Gianluca Vallero, leading actress Dela Dabulamanzi and the leading actors Carlo Loiudice and Marc Philipps

When the Afro-Berliner Djane Sweety (Dela Dabulamanzi) receives the order from a powerful boss to complete a lucrative deal, her petty criminal career finally seems to be taking off. But that same evening, when she is robbed of all the loot, Sweety’s future visions of a comfortable life turn into a nightmare: Boss gives her a week to pay back her debts.

Their last hope is the Italian Gino (Carlo Loiudice) and his German half-brother Ninja (Marc Philipps). The two unsuccessful karate teachers offer Sweety the opportunity to pull off a big coup together. This could save Sweety’s life and at the same time help Gino and Ninja pay the increasing rent of the run-down karate joint. Or even buy it and finally escape the pressure of the city’s nastiest real estate sharks. The unconventional preparations for the big robbery get rolling. From now on Sweety, Gino and Ninja begin the biggest and most dangerous adventure of their lives.

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