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The wife of the late Sapri clarifies that he is married again, the reason is heartbreaking

Jakarta, Insertlive

Irma Suryani, the wife of the late comedian Sapri, was recently reported to have remarried.

Irma finally gave clarification and confirmed the news of the marriage.

This woman, who has been blessed with two children, got married just 10 months after the late Sapri died.

“Yes, that’s right,” said Irma when met in the Cipulir area, South Jakarta, Friday (8/4).

Irma also gave a clarification because he did not want to circulate news that was nothing.

The reason Irma finally chose to remarry was because she thought about the fate of her children.

“So it’s like this, my children are still small, and I want to work as well as my one child is still a baby,” said Irma.

“Yes, indeed I ask God every night, I say, ‘Oh God, I don’t want to be alone’, I can’t be left by the deceased, it’s like empty, I imagine that in the future I’m really confused,” he continued.

Irma also does not deny that financial problems are also a scourge in her life.

That’s what made Irma finally decided to find someone who could accompany her.

Irma’s choice then fell to the figure of an old friend who had been known for a long time.

“I want to work, or in a business I don’t have capital. There is indeed a legacy from the deceased but I don’t want to disturb it because I have children,” said Irman.

“Then I didn’t think that my prayer was answered so quickly, suddenly there was an old friend who WAs me, so I wasn’t a new person,” he continued.

Irma is not surprised if the figure of an old friend who is now her husband has received unpleasant comments from many people.

Moreover, Irma also decided to remarry when the late Sapri had not yet been gone for a year.

However, Irma said that the figure of her new husband is a man who is already established and ready to start a family.

“This friend of mine also works, has a house and a vehicle too, so in my environment there is slander, like saying he’s just living his life,” said Irma.

“Even though it’s not at all, in fact I, who is not married, has been supported by him,” he concluded.


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